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Image filter in Havalite

Havalite saves the uploaded images as raw data in the sqlite database. This way the user can backup his whole Blog in only one file (The sqlite file).

Besides, the image can be viewed with many options as follow:

We call the image by ID or by NAME:

  1. havalite/img.php?id=71
  2. havalite/img.php?name=math.jpg

There is also a thumbnail of the image, which we call by THUMB


There are many filter to manipulate the image and view them the way we want to by calling EFF:

havalite/img.php?id=71&eff=gray  // view the image in gray scale

The following examples view the filter and its name:

No Filter

eff = gray

eff = invert

eff = edge

eff = emboss


eff = blur

eff = removal

The next filters need also a VALUE:


eff = bright, value = 50

eff = contrast, value = 50

eff = smooth, value = 50

eff = pixelate, value = 10

The COLORIZE filter needs beside the VALUE, which is a Hex color (Without sharp sign #), an ALPHA value from 0 to 127:  // require PHP 5.2.5


eff = colorize, value = FF0000, alpha = 0

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