CKEditor in Havalite

HavaLite CMS

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CKEditor in Havalite

For Havalite CMS we choosed the CKEditor to be the default Text Editor. We reduced the Toolbar to fit the desires of the most people but with the power to create good looking content. We also implemented 2 small textareas to the Settings of havalite, in case users like to configure there own Editor:

  1. Textarea for adding more or deleting Toolbars
  2. Textarea for Adding more or lesser Style definition
  3. a field to set the height of the Editor

Editor Configuration

Actually, one can't do anything wrong in the configuration of the Text Editor, there is a Reset Button to set the configuration back to origin.

The default language of CKeditor depends on your browser language but if you want to change it, you can add following line at the top of the Toolbar-Textarea-Content:

config.language = 'en';  // whereby 'en' stands for the english language

The Image Browser

The Image Browser of Havalite, which reads the images|swf raw data from the database is included as a part of CKEditor. Users can choose between:

  1. the normal image size
  2. a thumbnail
  3. or change the look of the image throw plenty of Image Plugins (see: image Filter in Havalite)

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