The Dashboard

HavaLite CMS

A new liteweight Content Management System (CMS)

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the index of all logged in users. Here we can get informations about:

  1. current version of HavaLite or if a new update exists
  2. The Amount of Posts, Drafts, Comments and Images saved in the database
  3. Backup Database (a Link to download database to your harddrive)
  4. Safe Folder
  5. Find and Replace
  6. Interface language Creator
  7. Users Board
  8. How To (Documentation)
  9. RSS Feeds to latest HavaLite news

Users Board

a scrrenshot of the Users Board

Members of your Blog can add a few sentences to the board in case they work together on a project or an Idea and would like to share informations with each others.

posted texts can be saved as normal Text or HTML (including: Javascripts, Google Gadgets etc..), that depends on the admin Settings. A delete button can be seen by the admin to remove boards contents.

We can also make some additional styles (Settings=>System) if we would like to colorize the boards comments: Every member has his own id (#brd_userName) E.g. #brd_admin{ color:red; }

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