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Tag Cloud Viewer

Tag Cloud v. 1.1

Tag cloud look nice and helps visitors on your blog to see what kind of topics you have mostly.
With this plugin we can create an artistic multi color look


  1. Download the zip file
  2. save the content of the zip file in the plugin folder of havalite
  3. go to administration => plugins and activate the plugin


  1. ´╗┐After activating tag_cloud, set following script in your theme, where ever you want:
    <?php if(function_exists('tag_cloud_view')){ ?> <div class="tag_cloud"><?=tag_cloud_view(); ?> </div> <?php } ?>
  2. Or click the widget button to add tag cloud to your sidebar
  3. Click on the plugin icon to configure and set the:
    amount of keywords
    the colors
    minimum font size
    maximum font size
  4. design tag_cloud class in your css file


Download plugin: tag_cloud.zip

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