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Grid Lines (jQuery Plugin)

Comments 22.Jul.2015  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

While improving SSG (Style Sheet Generation) i made this plugin hopping it might be usefull for some webdesigners to get better messures.

There is a left upper menu with 3 inputs (type numbers)

first one for drawing methodes (4 types) second to add Horizontal lines third to add vertical lines

You can see a demo here how it looks like Grid Lines Demo

Ins Read more

jPipette II, jQuery plugin to retrieve any color from your site

Comments 18.Jun.2015  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

JPipette v.2.0.1. allows
- you to pick a color from a canvas screenshot made by Html2Canvas and save these colors for further usage.
- a static color palette can be added as an array in your option.
- and you can also create a thumbnail of your finished page design as Base64/png image.

jPipette is made by Havalite CMS, and licensed under MIT style license, FRE Read more

CLEditor Plugin: MyStyles Plugin

Comments 29.Oct.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

CLEditor is one of the best jQuery WYSIWYG open source editors in the internet. It has most features for small projects and can also be easly developed to add more features to it. The imlementation on a web site is very easy, thats why i choosed it to be a plugin for Havalite CMS and in other projects of mine. The only thing i needed is to allow users to add a list of thier own defined CSS S Read more

jSound - jQuery plugin

Comments 06.Oct.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

JSound 1.0.1 is jQuery plugin for playing sounds on any html tag element

JSound works only on modern browser with html5. We always need 2 files as *.mp3 and *.ogg

We implement the jQuery framework and jsound plugin in the head part of our site as follow:

<script language="javascript" src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.2/jquery Read more

jmotion - jQuery plugin

Comments 05.Oct.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

JMotion 1.0.2 is a simple jQuery plugin for animating a sequence of images which saved in a folder. The result shows a Gif-like animations or a Banner rotator.

JMotion works with all versions of jQuery from 1.4. to 1.8

Options: folder // the url path of the folder where images exist type // gif, jpg, png, bmp etc... amount // how many images? pref // if images have Read more

Play audio onHover with jQuery

Comments 04.Oct.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

The simplest way to play audio files in your page without the need of flash is the usage of HTML5 tag <audio> as follow:

<audio autoplay="autoplay" controls="controls" loop="loop" preload="preload"> <source src="beep.ogg" type="audio/ogg"> <source src="beep.mp3" type="audi Read more

Japng Image animator

Comments 29.Sep.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

As web designer and programer we all in need for a better alternative than the old well done Gif animations. JQuery (javascript) offers a vriety of plugins that goes in this direction allowing designer to implement good looking effects to html tags. The only probleme is the condition to know at least the basics of javascript and with a minimum of errors in programming. For the image animatio Read more

JDaedalum - A Gif like animation

Comments 08.Aug.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

JDaedalum is a Jquery plugin that animates any image with a sequence of images like a filmstrip:


image: // the image file width: // width of 1 part of the sequence height: // height of the image imageAmount: // how many images in a frame frames: // how many frames should be played speed: // motion speed reverse: // true to play r Read more


Comments 27.Jul.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

Sortable2php - a JQuery plugin to save sortable widgets via php

I don't know if there is a simpler way than using JQuery to solve some complicated methodes for the web. Also the plugins of Jquery are the best way to do things once and simply configure and use any where u want. For my project Havalite i needed to do some nice widgets and i found a finished solution on the JQuery UI Si Read more


Comments 04.Nov.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

JWise is jQuery plugin to view random banner text with different configurable effects:

animFadeTime: 700, // time to fade in and out animInterval: 5000, // next line after mSeconds wordSpaceMin: '70px', // min word-spacing letterSpaceMin: '-10px', // min word-spacing fontSizeMin: '10px', // min font-size fontSizeMax: '18px', Read more


Comments 26.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

jPipette is a jQuery plugin experiencing the ability of the framework. The pipette reads the color of a clicked pixel from an image and returns the Hex and RGB values. It has a zooming Box which is controlled by plus and minus buttons.

JPipette works only in mordern browsers with Css3 styling (background.size) and supports  jpeg, gif and png images. The zooming effect doesn& Read more

Desktopdesigner (JQuery Plugin)

Comments 26.Aug.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under JQuery Plugins

Desktopdesigner is a JQuery Plugin allows to add stretched Background Image or/and Gradient Color to a Page

Features Unobtrusive script, simple to setup Works with all modern browsers How To

…tag to connect jQuery framework, desktopdesigner plugin and CSS. (Make sure paths to files are correct.)

Options start // start color for g Read more

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