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A new liteweight Content Management System (CMS)


Comments 20.Jul.2012  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Other Projects

HavaToDo is an open source liteweight ToDo Online Manager based on Php, SqLite3 and JQuery and released under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE AGPL.

I was thinking of a solution to organize all of my thoughts, ideas, planed bug fixes to my software.

It should be simple, with less configuration as possible and without server side databases. Visitors can see my public issus, Read more

The Google Web Fonts Api

Comments 29.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Other Projects

@import url("http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pinyon+Script|Marck+Script|Nothing+You+Could+Do|Gloria+Hallelujah|The+Girl+Next+Door|Atomic+Age");

After developing SSG (StyleSheet Generator) especially the part of Fonts integration, i was looking in the internet for some free or open source fonts, which i can use directly in SSG. But i noticed that all fonts are zipped and must first Read more

Stylesheet Generation (SSG)

Comments 27.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Other Projects

SSG (StyleSheet Generation) is a online CSS Generator for visual designing stylesheets directly on your browser and without the need of external CSS-Editors. HTML5 and CSS3 are although considered as an important part of the Editor.

The idea behind SSG is to save time while designer edit there own stylesheet/s. We all know the procedure to start br Read more

Flash ImageLoader

Comments 28.Aug.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Other Projects

Bei diesem Versuch handelt es sich um Javascript Methoden, die einen direkten Zugriff auf bestimme Flash Funktionen erlaubt. Die JS-Funktionen zur Steuerung unseres Flash-Films sind folgende.

StopFlashMovie PlayFlashMovie RewindFlashMovie NextFrameFlashMovie GoToFlashMovie ZoominFlashMovie ZoomoutFlashMovie SendDataToFlashMovie Rece Read more

htaccess creator (a safe folder creation tool)

Comments 25.Aug.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Other Projects

I work a lot with SqLite databases which are realy flexible and fast for my online programs but SqLite database is only a file which can be downloaded from any one who knows the folder adresse. To make such folders safe from bieng seen or executed we need to create .htaccess and .htpasswd files with administration user name and Password. For this purpose i made "htaccess creator" s Read more

ExLibris (Books Management)

Comments 25.Aug.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Other Projects

EX LIBRIS is designd to manage all of your own books at home

Program language

Its written in php und uses Sqlite database for saving data. Interface language can be set to English, German or Arabic and can also be easly  translated to any other language.

Features Get informations about a book by ISBN number from ISBN-Database, if no Read more

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