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Themes for Havalite

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Developing Themes for Havalite

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How to develope themes for Havalite CMS

Before Begining

The best way to create own Theme Design for Havalite is to check existing layouts. Here we have a couple of simple layouts just to see clearly the most important php commands and the rest is done in the css file, which is much important for you as a css developer.

The name of your template is simply the name of Read more

Layouts Design

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In this tutorial we going to show how to create your own design for Havalaite CMS. If you already know the basics of the layout design and you want to try by your self, you can download one or more layouts from this page and do what ever you like.

Now let's start doing something

The first thing we need is to create a folder in the folder "themes" of havali Read more

Theme Preview

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sunset light

This is a simple layout containing the most used HTML tags. You can download or copy the content if you need to design your own template for havalite or to test ready themes..

Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5 Heading 6



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