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Interface Language Creator

Comments 01.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tools

We know how much time it takes to translate the interface language of any software program. Google offers a pretty nice script, which allows you to translate texts on the fly. For big complicated sentences this might return a funny text rather than the right meaning. But for single words or simple phrases these scripts can be very helpful by our work. And i must admit, that 60% t Read more

Find and Replace

Comments 01.Oct.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tools

One of the most important things, that i always needed in a CMS is the ability to find or replace a specified char in the whole database, specially when i change the download folder or images folder or even the Url-adresse of my server. In this case i only need to replace the name of this folder in my databse. This can be a bit dangerous in regular Databases, such as SQL or MySql Read more

Image filter in Havalite

Comments 12.Sep.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tools

Havalite saves the uploaded images as raw data in the sqlite database. This way the user can backup his whole Blog in only one file (The sqlite file).

Besides, the image can be viewed with many options as follow:

We call the image by ID or by NAME:

havalite/img.php?id=71 havalite/img.php?name=math.jpg

There is also a thumbnail of the image, wh Read more

Havalite Licensing

Comments 19.Aug.2011  |  Posted by admin  |  Filed under Tools

Havalite Licensing

Havalite is distributed under a license, which means there are certain things that you are legally permitted (or not permitted) to do with Havalite software and source code. Havalite is distributed under a popular license called the GNU General Public License. If that doesn't ring a bell, read on.

The license under which the Havalite software is rel Read more

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