What is new in Havalite v. 1.2.1

HavaLite CMS

A new liteweight Content Management System (CMS)

What is new in Havalite v. 1.2.1

A lot of changes are done in Havalite version 1.2.1

  1. Editor
    • Save As button
      (Save as new post)
    • Additional Scripts
      (add specific script or a style to individual post)
    • Post Image
      (sign an individual image to every post)
  2. Categories
    • Add keywords, description and an icon
      (Use in your theme in case visitors are on a category site)
  3. Create Robots.txt file according to your blog
    (save settings to have it work)
    • View html tools (B, I, Url, Image url)
    • Botspam removal
      (Removes all comments posted within 1 min with same ip)
  5. Dashboard
    • HTML - view simple Toolbar for chat messages
    • Delete single entries
  6. Settings
    • .htccess tab (new)
      tool for modifying your Apache configuration
      Error 404 => relink to a page your choice
    • Jump to active tab after saving
  7. Find & Replace Tool, fixed
  8. Security update

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