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A new liteweight Content Management System (CMS)


Our latest stable release of Havalite is version 1.2.1.



If you have no experience with Havalite yet, read or see video how to install HERE.

A default Theme and a Spam protection Plugin (imgval) are within the installation file


Upgrade Informations

To upgrade your system you can whether exchange listed files according to your version or the whole system files.
* And don't forget to backup your Database, Theme and Plugins before!


Version 1.2.1. date 10.05.2015

Check here all updates done for this version

Version 1.1.9. date 29.08.2014

  1. Latest CKEDITOR 4.4.4 version, with color formated source code  (new)
  2. Ajax save post  (new)
  3. Full screen editor view (can be set in Settings)
  4. Images are saved in both: folder and database
    (If you change your server, you only need the database. Havalite will create the image by it self, if it didn't find in the folder)
  5. Admin area change color of your system   (new)

Version 1.1.8. date 28.09.2013

  1. Normal bugfixes

Version 1.1.7. date 30.10.2012

  1. Live update (data/updater.php) fixed
  2. Max-Width for image upload can be set in Setting
  3. function hava_num_comments() fixed
  4. plugin menu by deacting plugins fixed

Version 1.1.6. date 07.10.2012

  1. Multiple language installation  (new)

Version 1.1.5. date 10.09.2012

  1. Save button by editing post has a right click to "Save As" new post  (new)
  2. Notification email by new comments is now in HTML  (new)
  3. CKEditor in RTL (Right to left) mode if the choosen language for havalite system is arabic, farsi or hebrew (new)
  4. Any changes in "Settings or "Editing Posts" will prevent leaving site if its not saved
  5. new plugin method to edit post content (new)
  6. Installation of Havalite CMS can be in any of the provided 37 international languages (new)

Version 1.1.4. date 22.08.2012

  1. Widgets error fixed
  2. An Icon to add favorite plugin to your upper menu for faster reaching  (new)
  3. Gravatar image options:: added to the "Settings" (new)
  4. Show "Keywords" of the current post with a link to your other posts:: added to the "Settings" (new)
  5. CKEditor text direction according to the chhosen language (RTL: for semetic languages such as arabic or hebrew) (new)
  6. Last edited - a button to continue working on the last edited post (new)

Version 1.1.3. date 05.08.2012

  1. Integration of Sidebar Widgets System with the ability to create new (new)
  2. Use of multiple databases according to subdomains (new)
  3. Backup current database or all databases as zip file (new)
  4. Add image for category (new)

Version 1.1.2. date 22.07.2012

  1. Errors in (Find & Replace) fixed
  2. latest version of JQuery (jquery-1.7.2.) added (new)
  3. All plugins updated

Version 1.1.1. date 06.07.2012

  1. Including PDO prepare stament for more secure
  2. All functions which connect to database are changed
  3. All plugins updated according to the new functions
  4. All Themes updated according to the new functions

Version 1.1.0. date 14.03.2012

  1. Update category bug fixed
  2. Database name in config.php when changed must be red from whole system = fixed
  3. Some signs in post were not able to save to db = fixed
  4. phpLiteAdmin is added to folder data (new)

Version 1.0.9. date 28.11.2011

  1. Safe folder password creation error fixed
  2. Live update functionality added
  3. CKEditor update to latest version 3.6.2
  4. New function // prevent of leaving post editor, if changes done

Version 1.0.8. date 17.11.2011

  1. imgval plugin fixed
  2. check options function // checks if all options exists in the db
  3. handle error pages 404 and 403 (new) // .htaccess added to the root directory

Version 1.0.7. date 14.11.2011

plenty of security holes and errors are fixed. Better to exchange all files except your database!!!

  1. Sticky Notes // position according to system language
  2. Categories of posts and images // errors in case no categroies defined
  3. Admin navigation // wrong parameter
  4. Admin login // not secure

New functionalities are added (new)

  • Images Browser
    • got a better expandable folder menu
    • and the possibility to edit/preview images with multiple filters before using in post
  • Upload Media
    • upload multiple and all kind of files
    • Drag and drop in your browser
    • Assign which image to save in the databse

Version 1.0.6. date 07.11.2011

  • Error Notice in main files, plugins and themes are fixed

Version 1.0.5, date 04.11.2011

  1. hava_login.php // Bug fixed reseting password
  2. config.php // Adding activation variable: Set to false to disable saving to database
  3. hava_func.php // Check if saving to database activated
  4. hava_connect.php // same .....
  5. hava_img_upload.php // same .....
  6. hava_head.php // Upgrading link is fixed

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