ExLibris (Books Management)

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ExLibris (Books Management)

EX LIBRIS is designd to manage all of your own books at home

Program language

Its written in php und uses Sqlite database for saving data. Interface language can be set to English, German or Arabic and can also be easly  translated to any other language.


  1. Get informations about a book by ISBN number from ISBN-Database, if not
  2. get Informations about a book from Amazon by ISBN number
  3. creates safe folder for sqlite database and other files
  4. Search utility
  5. Limit data


  1. Open config.php
  2. Set username and userpassword
  3. Type your Access Key (This allows you to get informations about a book by ISBN Number. You need to create account on http://isbndb.com/ )
  4. cookie name is optional
  5. set your language (en, de, ar)
  6. sqlite databse must have permission 777 for saving data

Safe Sqlite database

Sqlite database is just a file which is saved in folder "data". To make this folder safe we need to create .htaccess and .htpasswd files in it:

  1. Change persmission of "data" folder to 777
  2. Start the file accessFolder.php in "data" Folder
  3. Type username and password
  4. Check what type of server you have: WIN or LINUX
  5. and create

Now your data folder should have the 2 files .htaccess and .htpasswd



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