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  1. Written by: juanma
    on 29.Jun.2012
    the new version more secure when?
  2. Written by: admin
    on 30.Jun.2012
    I think, version 1.1.0 offers enough secure for now. Unless you found any problems in it?
  3. Written by: Jay Kanakiya
    on 09.Oct.2012
    Hey , I´ve added your awesome jquery plugin Jsound in
  4. Written by: admin
    on 09.Oct.2012
    Nice site, thx
  5. Written by: it
    on 08.Jan.2013
    I really like Havalite but I have some problems after setting the language to Italian.

    Some features are lost:
    submenu, accordion etc..

    Did I do something wrong?
  6. Written by: admin
    on 09.Jan.2013


    Open file = hava_func.php and add following at line 26 before function hava_db_vacuum():

        foreach($hava_lang as $lkey => $lval) $hava_lang[$lkey] = correctQuotes($lval); 

    Please tell me if it works.

    Thx for reporting

  7. Written by: LMF
    on 02.Mar.2013
    I saw your translation page and was a little bit disappointed.
    For languages with different word order from original´s, some should be written in full sentence.
  8. Written by: admin
    on 03.Mar.2013
    I´m realy sorry about that. Maybe because of my bad english language. I agree with you, i need some one to help improvimg the language files.
    Maybe you can help, if yoou like ;)
  9. Written by: mohamad
    on 13.Mar.2013
    i writing farsi language translation for Havalite. how to send txt file for you ? 
  10. Written by: admin
    on 14.Mar.2013
    Hello Mohamad

    Thank you very much for your Translation. Please send the file to

    Salam :)
  11. Written by: Szewczyk
    on 21.Oct.2013
    Cannot insert image into post
    eroor hava_img_browser.php

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
    /havalite/hava_img_browser.php on line263
  12. Written by: Torun
    on 21.Nov.2013
    Is it possible to add php code  for friendly url rewrite
  13. Written by: admin
    on 22.Nov.2013
    No, not yet
  14. Written by: Poltax
    on 08.Jan.2015
    Friendly urls are very important, any chance for implement this feature in next relase ?

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