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A new liteweight Content Management System (CMS)


We are a team, that resides in Germany (please, do forgive our bad English) and we have developed an international based and uncomplicated software for users, who do not know (or do not like to know) much about all this programs like HTML, PHP, SqLite, JS, Browser differences etc.. Users who like  to write and publicise their ideas with a few clicks.

If you like our software and would also like to contribute, we would surely appreciate your support in any case you provide. We are still in need for people

  1. who speak and write good English
  2. Developers for Themes (see Documentation Developing Themes)
  3. Developers for Plugins (see Documentation Developing Plugins)
  4. Translatiors  for the interface (see Documentation Howto)

Also we don't require donations, our software is an open source project and in a SoftForAid program, which means that all Donations go to Charity / Aid organisations. If you would like to help others, please donate.

Thank you for your support

The Havalite Team

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Contact Info

Phone: +49 941 26175

Address: Ayman Teryaki,
Prüfeninger Str. 48,
93047 Regensburg, Germany

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