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JWise is jQuery plugin to view random banner text with different configurable effects:

animFadeTime: 700,        // time to fade in and out
animInterval: 5000,     // next line after mSeconds
wordSpaceMin: '70px',     // min word-spacing
letterSpaceMin: '-10px',    // min word-spacing
fontSizeMin: '10px',     // min font-size
fontSizeMax: '18px',     // max font-size
colorStart: '#FF0000',     // begin with the color
colorEnd: '#000000',    // end with the color
align: 'center',    // set 1 value or array of values
fadeMin: '0',    // 0 to 1
fadeMax: '0.9'    // 0 to 1

The easiest way to include the plugin and without any effects is to call:

	animLines: '.myBannerTexts'

".myContainer" is the class in which the banner text goes

".myBannerTexts" are the listed text passages. Every banner text must be in a new div tag within .myBannerTexts

See Demo

Download jWise.js

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