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Havalite Interface Translation

After the new update of google translate Api to v2 we couldn't use our translation tool any more and we had to find another Api to do the job for us. We found that Microsoft offers also the same translator Api on Bing pages with enough documentation on how to use it with different script languages. For the use of the Api we also need the api key (ApiId) which can be easly requested if you have a hotmail or live account. For more informations!

With our "Interface Translation Tool" its very easy and fast to create a language file. Within few minutes you can translate the file to your native language, save the file and enjoy your havalite system with your created language.

How to:

  1. Choose one of the languages offered from the pulldown menu and click the button "Translate"
  2. Check all input fields if phrases are correctly translated. If not please correct them
  3. If you think your are done, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button "Create"
  4. A new page appears containing the variables we need. Copy the content to a new file
  5. To try your new interface translation file on your havalite system, name the new file according to the language (e.g. de.php for german language) and save it in your language folder: /havalite/sys/languages/
    Hint: At the top of the file you see the comment with the informations about language name and the creator // Language name de, Created by (Your Name)
    Typ your name instead of (Your Name)
  6. Now you can see the language listed in your "Settings"! Choose it and save Setting!

Thats it

Start translating your havalite interface now!

Please, don't forget to share the file with us, so we can offer it for other users

Thank you

Your Havalite Team

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