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A new liteweight Content Management System (CMS)


HavaToDo is an open source liteweight ToDo Online Manager based on Php, SqLite3 and JQuery and released under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE AGPL.

I was thinking of a solution to organize all of my thoughts, ideas, planed bug fixes to my software.

It should be simple, with less configuration as possible and without server side databases. Visitors can see my public issus, maybe add a comment to an idea, report a bug or provide a new idea.

For this reason i developed HavaToDo hopping to simplify my work or maybe others. Here you can see a Demo.


  1. One file SqLite database
  2. Create safe folder for the database (see: Usage)
  3. Multiple language support for interface
  4. View all main subjects and subjects with special type (New, Done etc.) in the upper menu
  5. Search tool in the upper menu (search in id numbers, title, content, subscriber names)
  6. Highlighted search results
  7. Gravatar icon for comments subscriber
  8. Edit database with phpLiteAdmin in the login area
  9. Configuration in index file:
    • Database name
    • Change interface language according to the browser language of the visitor OR set to false and
    • choose your interface language
    • Set the amount of subjects for every page
    • Set the amount of latest comments view in the upper menu
    • Date format 


  1. Apache webserver with mod_rewrite and .htaccess file support enabled
  2. php5 or above with PDO and SqLite3 driver enabled


  1. Download HavaToDo.zip
  2. unpack the file to your server
  3. HavaToDo should run fine for now, but you need to make database folder safe by creating .htaccess as follow:
    • Click on LogIn from the upper menu than click on accessFolder.php
    • Fill the form and save (Be sure that the attributes for the data folder are set to read/write mode!)
  4. Configuration can be done in config.php in data folder

Have fun

Havalite Team


Now we reached version 1.0.2 and we noticed that havaToDo can also be used as a simple lite forum. Try it out!

CLEditor (WYSIWYG - html editor) is added for writing new subjects or comments.

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  1. Written by: bluesky
    on 11.Dec.2013
    Recently came across this site via Google. Both projects look promising. Any update recently?
  2. Written by: admin
    on 12.Dec.2013
    We do update havalite from time to time. But we still in need for support from other programers cause i dont have much time

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