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Visitor Counter

Visitor Counter

Visitor Counter is a plugin made for Havalite CMS. It shows the amount of visitors as one of the images that listed above. The plugin counts +1 for every ip.

Developed and implemented by: Teryaki


  1. Download the zip file
  2. save the content of the zip file in the plugin folder of havalite
  3. go to administration => plugins and activate the plugin
  4. Click on the plugin icon and choose one of the counter styles

Now there are 2 ways to show the counter on your site:

Add the following function where ever you like in your template:

<?php if(function_exists('get_visitor_counter')) echo get_visitor_counter(); ?>

- or Click on the plugin icon and choose one of the counter styles
- click the "Sidebar Widget Button" to place the counter on your site
Important: sidebar widgets must be defined in your template (See HowTo):

<?php if(hava_sidebar_widget('sidebar1')) echo '<div class="yourStyle">'.hava_sidebar_widget('sidebar1').'</div>'; ?>


Download plugin:

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