Adding Sidebar widgets

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Adding Sidebar widgets

In Havalite CMS v. 1.1.3 we can implement 4 different Sidebars which can be filled with plenty of Widgets. There are 2 kinds of them:

  1. Standard Widgets
    • Text1  // add Text or HTML
    • Text2  // add Text or HTML
    • Search  // Search form
    • Links  // the list of your saved favorite links
    • RSS  // a link to your posts or categories feeds
    • Recent Posts  // a list of the latest posts
    • Categories  // a list of all categories
    • Pages  // view static pages
    • Recent Comments  // a list of the latest comments
  2. Plugins Widgets
    Some Plugins offer a widget to simply add it to your site

Adding Sidebars

The simpliest way to add a sidebar widget is to call the following function in your template:

echo hava_sidebar_widget('sidebar1'); // this will show only the widgets which added to sidebar 1

As we said, there are 4 sidebars: sidebar1, sidebar2, sidebar3, and sidebar4

to avoid errors we can add (IF) condition:

if(hava_sidebar_widget('sidebar1')) echo '<div class="sidebar1">'.hava_sidebar_widget('sidebar1').'</div>'; 

Thats it

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