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Replace to AnchorReplace2Anchor 1.0 is a plugin for havalite CMS (v. 1.1.5 and above), which adds links to your defined keywords of your post content.

If you often use specified Keywords in your posts, which always have to be linked, but you don't want to put the link by your self every time you mention the keyword, so you can use the Plugin: Replace2Anchor, that will do the job for you.

Replace2Anchor integrates a function to your pages to replace all defined keywords with there links from the list you made. To use it in your post, add the keyword and the link beside in the textarea of the plugin as follow:

php=, sqlite=, etc...

Always seperate single keywords with a comma


Replace 2 Anchor


  1. Download the zip file
  2. save the content of the zip file in the plugin folder of havalite
  3. go to administration => plugins and activate the plugin
  4. Click on the icon beside to add your keywords with the links



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