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Black Search plugin

Black Search 1.0. is a plugin for Havalite CMS which allows you to check the searched phrases and compare them with your saved keywords. If result is true relink the visitor to another page of your choice.

The saved keywords are regular expression sensitive



  1. Download the zip file
  2. save the content of the zip file in the plugin folder of havalite
  3. go to administration => plugins and activate the plugin
  4. Click on the icon beside to add keywords and the relink Url


Download: BlackSearch.zip



You can save the following keywords:

http:\/\/, https:\/\/, \.php\?, "|', ^.{1}$, ^.{14}+

// This will prevent visitors to search for 
// http://
// https://
// .php?
// " or '
// 1 char
// 14 or more chars

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