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jSound – jQuery plugin

JSound 1.0.1 is jQuery plugin for playing sounds on any HTML tag element JSound works only on modern browser with html5. We always need 2 files as *.mp3 and *.ogg We implement the jQuery framework and jsound plugin in the head part of our site as follow: First we open […]

Style Sheet Generation (SSG)

SSG (StyleSheet Generation) is a online CSS Generator for visual designing stylesheets directly on your browser and without the need of external CSS-Editors. HTML5 and CSS3 are although considered as an important part of the Editor. The idea behind SSG is to save time while designer edit there own stylesheet/s. […]

Installing Havalite

The installation of Havalite is a very simple procedure that takes only few seconds. After uploading havalite to your server, go to login (normally http://www.yourUrlAdresse.com/havalite/ ). If the password is not set yet, the Install Wizard will start automatically: Type Password, repeat Password, your Blog URL (http://www.yourUrlAdresse.com), your Email and […]

Havalite CMS

Welcome to Havalite CMS (This project is no more supported or improved) Havalite, a lightweight, open source CMS Blog based on PHP and SQLite db. It’s licensed under the GNU General Public License. Features Simple 1 step wizard installation Text, Images and swf files all saved as data in SQLite […]