JSound, a simple jQuery plugin for playing sounds on any html tag element


hoverSound <a href="#" hoverSound="beep">hoverSound</a>

leaveSound <a href="#" leaveSound="beep">hoverSound</a>

clickSound <a href="#" clickSound="beep">hoverSound</a>

moveSound <a href="#" moveSound="beep">hoverSound</a>

hoverSound, leaveSound AND clickSound <a href="#" hoverSound="beep" leaveSound="beep" clickSound="beep">hoverSound</a>

Add the tag elements, that should response:

<input type="text" name="textfield" focusInSound="synth" focusOutSound="synth2" />

To stop all sounds call the function stopSounds()

stop all sounds <a class="button" href="#" onclick="stopSounds();">stop all sounds</a>

To use sound for all anchor tags in your page: Open asound.js, set the value of allElems variable to TRUE and define the file of aHover, aLeave or aClick

soundElem = 'a';
allElems = true;
aHover = 'myHoverSound';
aLeave = 'myLeaveSound';
aClick = 'myClickSound';

All Attributes for the specified elements:

  1. startSound // starts sound when page is complete loaded
  2. loopSound // additional to startSound
  3. hoverSound
  4. leaveSound
  5. clickSound
  6. moveSound
  7. focusInSound
  8. focusOutSound

JSound is produced by: Havalite CMS