Installing Havalite


The installation of Havalite is a very simple procedure that takes only few seconds.

After uploading havalite to your server, go to login (normally ). If the password is not set yet, the Install Wizard will start automatically:

Type Password, repeat Password, your Blog URL (, your Email and at last choose which Server (Windows or Linux) you are running your Blog on. Save information.

Havalite will create a Login to your administration and a Login to the safe Folder where your Database exists. You can later change the login password to the safe Folder from your dashboard if you want to.

Hint: if you got the following message by installing Havalite appears: (ERROR: Sorry, could NOT change mode for the folder: “data“. You need to make it writable by setting the mode to 0777. Than try again here! ), do as follow:

  1. Make connection to your server
  2. open the folder “havalite”
  3. change the mode of the folder “data” to 777
  4. open this folder and change the mode of the file “havalite.db3” to 777
  5. run install.php again

See also tutorial video