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frequently asked questions

Q: How long would it take to install Havalite?
A: Havalite works immediately after uploading it, but you still need to set password and the Url adresse by your first visit in the admin area.

Q: Do i need to delete the installation file after installing havalite?
A: No. The installation file is saved in your safe folder.

Q: Can i change the default name of my Database?
A: Yes, you only need to assign the new name in your config.php as well

Q: What kind of images are supported tosave in Havalite database?
A: Havalite supports only jPeg, Gif and Png images and flash swf files

Q: Can i upload big files?
A: We still don't have this service yet, but maybe in future versions we'll add this functionality. Any way adding big files to the database may slow down the data request. Thus its better to upload big files on your server.

Q: Can i offer a new Theme to havalite.com?
A: Not yet, but if you have a new Theme which you like to share, please tell us where we can download and test. Its our plesure to publish it on our site

Q: How to publish a plugin on havalite.com?
A: Same as Themes. You can send us a link to your plugin. We will download it and test. If it fits the requirements, we'll than publish it

Q: Do you want to change the License to commercial some day?
A: No we insist to leave Havalite for free. Even if one made a donation, the money will be send to aid organisations

Q: How can i help improving Havalite?
A: You can:

  1. promote Havalite
  2. translate interface language,
  3. develope plugins and Themes,
  4. report bugs,
  5. write suggestion or ideas,

Q: is there any tool like phpMyAdmin to edit SQLite database?
A: Havalite comes with PhpLiteAdmin, which can be found in Safe folder (see Dashboard). There are also a plenty of tools on the internet for free to run on windows or other Os. One of the best (i use my self) is SQLiteStudio.

Q: Is it possible to run MySql Database on Havalite
A: Thanks to PDO it is easy to change some lines and run Havalite for mysql. But we are not interrested on server side databases, cause we want to offer the easiest way to handle a database and SQLite is the right choice.

Who is using havalite CMS

  1. Havalite CMS
  2. Hanif the Monotheist
  3. Kids of Alquran
  4. Damaskus-Regensburg
  5. Adam-Entsorgung

If you are using Havalite CMS and like to add your site to our list, please contact us and we'll check out your blog to see if it fits the conditions.

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