My Projects


Beside my services for my clients, I also have different projects that I still manage and improve for myself. Some are made for online purposes with PHP,  JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc. and others are made with C# which runs under ms windows only. They are all free to download and use!

My Websites:
Here I share my ideas, work and knowledge about coding, design, graphic and offer my developed software for free
A multi lingual site handling religious and spiritual subjects, which i like to share
An online software to study the Quranic scripture and Arabic roots with the opportunity to analyze and calculate huge numbers. The Site is based on PHP, SQLite and JavaScript


My jQuery plugins and PHP Programs

Havalite CMS
(No more supported or improved)
Havalite CMS is a simple content management system which based on SQLite database (See documentation). It’s entirely written in PHP and JavaScript . Havalite CMS is Open Source, free to download, edit and use.
Download Here

Style Sheet #Generation (SSG)
is a online CSS-editor to design any template even from existing websites by adding the URL-address, than select the HTML tag or CSS id/class and give them a new look (See explanation). It’s based on JavaScript/jQuery. You can try the online demo or you can ask me, if you want the whole package to download.
See Demo

Grid Lines
a jQuery plugin showing grid lines on your site
See Demo

a jQuery plugin playing sounds on any HTML tag element
See Demo

a simple jQuery plugin for animating a sequence of images which saved in a folder. The result shows a Gif-like animations or a Banner rotator.
See Demo

a jQuery plugin experiencing the ability of the framework. The pipette reads the color of a clicked pixel from an image and returns the Hex and RGB values.
See Demo

a jQuery plugin for animating text passages
See Demo

a JQuery Plugin allows to add stretched Background Image or/and Gradient Color to a Page.
See Demo

is one of the best jQuery WYSIWYG open source editors. For this purpose i made the plugin “myStyles” which can be added to it.
See Demo

Robot spammers need few or less than a second to fill a form. That’s why I made this PHP script to check if the user had enough time to write Name, Email and some comments.
See Demo

is a database for people who read and collect a lot of book. ExLibris is also connected directly to Amazon with the ISBN-Number, and if you have access to (not free) you can get all information about a book with one click. Written in PHP, SQLite and JavaScript.
Download Here

My Projects with C# for Windows

If you need to hit a special key in intervals – every few second -, Sendkeys will do the job for you. Just choose the running program – might be a game 😉 – type how many seconds and which key and let run.
Download Here

Dream Tunnel is a dictionary software to search and analyze in over 10.000 dreams and symbols. Users can also add/write their own dreams. Software is made with C# and uses Ms Access database.
Download Here

Heavenly Chimes
Transform any written text to music! Users can give any letter in any language a music note and a midi musical instrument sound. We can control speed, octave, pitch, delay and much more. You  need two files: 1. the text that need to be transformed, 2. the defined music note for the letters. Made with C# and free to download.
Download Here

is made for students of the holy scripture. Its translated to many languages, has analyzing, calculating and dictionary functions and a powerful search mechanism with Regular Expressions. OpenQuran has two Calendars (Hijri and Gregorian) and can be designed with many skins the way user are comfortable. Its an Open Source and free to download.
Check Explanation and Download Site


Please feel free to download and use what ever you want

HavaFun 🙂